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Default Re: Explanation of Stop-and-go?

Here's an example from memory.

I have QQ on an SB blind defense. Button raises, I 3-bet, BB folds. I cap.

Flop is Q high rainbow.

I bet, he raises.

Turn blank.

I bet, he raises, I 3-bet.

That's my main use for it right there, if he is on an overpair, which a cap preflop vs a non-2+2er is more likely to be. Other very strong hands I treat similarly, top set is just the most obvious. A checkraise on the turn if he caps the flop will make me the same, but there's no guarantee he'll cap the flop, even overpairs get weak-kneed. It's also not a bad plan against a free card play, although really I think this forum emphasizes against free cards way too much.
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