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Default Re: Tapping married women

Anyone who knowingly hooks up with a married woman is a scumbag

[/ QUOTE ]

Hmmm....It take two to Tango in my opinion....

The only one I can think of off the top of my head was :

I was in Majorca on a football tour..There was a hen party staying in the same hotel as us....

I ended up at 5am chatting to one of the women, She was telling me about her kids (3 yrs & 18 months)....She was coming onto me....She told me that the only man she had ever been with was her husband (She had been married to him 14 years & she was 32)....That about sealed it for me....I didn't [censored] her....Did everything but nail her....Although she was begging me to !

I am a scumbag..????...I reckon 50% of all the girls I have hooked up with in my life have had a boyfriend....Several have been engaged...and some have been living with their boyfriends....

So am I a scumbag......Nope.....Lifes too short to worry about what people think about me...I just go with the flow and if that means mowing someone elses lawn then I'll live with the consequences....


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