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Default Re: Between the Sheets EV

Besides the points mentioned by the other poster, there are some other things to consider. What happens if you bet the pot and win? Sometimes people will have a re-ante and keep playing. If you are playing dealer's choice games, then this might just end the game right there. We used to have a re-ante if it was in the first two rounds (or sometimes if it was during the first pass through the deck). If others are not playing optimally, you MIGHT choose to forego a small edge in order to preserve the chance for a larger future edge. We usually played that you were forced to bet at least one unit no matter what. Finally, you should be able to reliably count cards to some degree as well...assuming that you just kept playing through the deck like we did. This could alter a couple of decisions along the way. Unless the stakes you are playing for are large in comparison to your bankroll, you probably should choose to bet pot or nothing on each hand (or 1 unit if forced to bet something). By the way, I used to do this, and my friends HATED it. They stopped calling the game.
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