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Default Re: Omaha on Paradise any good?

I found UB to be incredibly tough personally, even the baby limits.

[/ QUOTE ]

You must be new to Omaha, UB is soft, however it is tougher now than it was just a month ago. Well not really tougher but people don't make as bad of calls as they used to. But the play is still pretty transparent. I was strictly a Hold'em player until about a month ago when I started playing Omaha on UB and now I rarely play hold'em cash games.

[/ QUOTE ]On Party I'm a 10-15BB/100 winner at all levels up to PL$400 over 25k hands so I'm not *that* new to Omaha. I'm breaking even on UB over about 5k hands.

The lower limits seem much tighter and more aggressive on UB, more raising preflop and less payoffs by weaker hands like lower straights K-flushes and underfulls.
Maybe it's just variance.
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