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Default Introduction/Bankroll question

Hey all,

I'm new to these forums and just wanted to say hi and make my presence known. I recently graduated from Penn State with a degree in Logistics, and I've always been fascinated with poker. I've been a casual player for the past two years and I'd finally like become more serious with my poker game. I've lurked here on 2+2 for the past few weeks and realized the vast amount of information to be found here. I see what a valuable tool these forms can be and I intend to fully utilize this resource and look forward to hearing everybody's input.

Here goes with my first question...
I have read Homer's post about bonuswhoring to build a bankroll up from $100. I recently deposited $25 into my online account, and am looking to grind out an additional $75 before follwing the steps Homer recommends taking (I could deposit the $100 automatically, but would like to start at $25 in order to reinforce discipline). My first question to you all is what is the most effective way to build up a bankroll when starting with $25? I am patient and I realize tight play is the way to go when starting off building a bankroll, but what games should I be playing? Holdem? Omaha? Omaha Hi-Lo? NL? PL?

Thank you all for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

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