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Default Re: A working threaded mode

No, he's right. The unread posts are no longer highlighted in the current software. The only unread indicators in threaded mode are the little folders to the left of each post and the "NEW" image on the post itself.

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im already messing up. Sorry racer, its late, or early, er, something, and i was confused.

However, when viewing in flat mode, doesnt the software automaticaly jump you to the first unread post? Are you wanting more specificity in that you only want to know if someone has responded to a certain post within a long thread? That makes sense, let me know if thats what are looking for, and i will see what can be done.


john nickle

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I think in flat mode it takes you to the first new post since you last logged in - so it kind of assumes you read every post of every thread. Bad assumption.

But, yes, like you say, I want to see a new post bolded and to see where in the thread is the response. A lot of times, this is to see if someone responded to something I posted. It lets you see newness and position in one glance.

The system was like this until a coulpe months ago. Not sure why it went away.

Also, it made sense to have it oldest post on top in this format as well - something the old format did as well.
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