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Default Re: Help me to play this hand better.

some questions:
how deep is everyone?
will he bet into a flush board without a flush?
can you lay down a hand if the flush comes?

if the money is short then you might as well be aggressive because people are more likely to call you. if the money is deep, then you need to be aggressive on the flop if you cannot read the opponent for having a flush and you cannot lay down a hand. if you have good control over him, then you can slow down and hope the board pairs, which will give you his stack if your 2 pair read is correct.

If you thought that he was betting two pair, then you made a horrible mistake. You would want to use a betting pattern indicating that you were on a draw, which would encourage him to push if a blank comes on the turn. You could just call or put in a min raise to mimic a draw.
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