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Default Re: turning good hands into 72o.

Aq, TT, JJ, and even QQ are the hands the cause people the most amount of trouble. In early position I would fold all those hands except qq and I would probably limp with it. It late position I would raise and if someone reraised me it would determine on my read of the player on what I would do. I also want to say that if I'm short stacked or half of the average stack in a multi way with the blinds you mentioned I would just move in with them. For what its worth this is the same reason why I almost always limp in with ak in early positions because if someone reraises you all in it's just to hard to know what move to make most of the time. But again short or half of average stack in multis I just move in with it.

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You must play with players that are 10x better than the ones I play with in PP $30 SnGs.

I'll call a re-raise all-in with JJ and be way ahead 5 times out of 6. Throwing away AQ, even to a re-raise, in these games is like burning hundred dollar bills. You're going to see Ax when you play back way more often than AK.

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