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Default Re: turning good hands into 72o.

This is where position and the table is important.

If the table is not very aggressive PF (i.e. almost no reraises) then I make a lot of small raises (2.5BB) in CO/Button with mid PP - especially if it tends to get checked to me on the flop (take the free card).
AJs I may play in a similar way in CO/Button.
All of these hands I would fold to just about any reraise.

If the table is more aggressive then I would be folding a lot more.

In EP I would limp if I think there is a 50% ish chance of getting in with no raise. If a raise does come I would call a min raise and not a lot more (unnless there are a lot of players in)

If I don't think there is a 50% chance of getting in with just a limp then I would fold up to JJ and AQs.

MP is just half way between EP and LP. It is just a matter of thinking how many players you are going to get calling and/or raising behind you.

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