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One of the things that can make a LAG bad is that his betting tendencies leak information about the strength of his hand. He's running good so surely you've seen how he plays his big hands? When I have a nut redraw and the option to see the next card for free, I am certainly going to contemplate getting checkraised before deciding to make my bet. In other words, I don't think the question here is "what do I do now that he's checkraised?", I think the question should be "what's my plan for the rest of the hand when he checks the turn to me?" Beyond that point there should be no more thinking. There are relatively few combinations of events that need to be considered so you can run through all of them before making your action on the turn.

Without knowing his tendencies we can't do much here... obviously if he is capabable of checkraising a lot of worse hands on the turn, AND he is capable of checkfolding them sometimes on the river (like if a spade comes, or if he just had second pair, etc) then pushing is good. If he could checkraise the turn with absolutely no hand (which would of course fold to a push), AND he's capable of making a desperate river bluff, then calling might be better. On the other hand, if he does a lot of his bluffing on the flop but checkraises big hands on the turn, then you might have to consider a fold (in which case you may have been better off checking).
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