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Default Re: Question on Behavior in Tournament Play

Regarding the 2nd question...

I think this is often over-used in situations where it really doesn't apply, but yes - it is a common occurance. If you're near the bubble or an increase in payout, the value of knocking out another player is tremendous. But, if you're still at 427 players, the value is much less. A hand that CAN'T win would be stupid to bet, but I think just playing for maximum tourney chip EV is the best play.

Small stack goes all-in. You call 1/10 your stack on the button with 88 and the BB comes along for the ride.
Flop: 237 rainbow, 54T, etc.
With these flops, I would always bet this if checked to. I may not be ahead, but I don't want to give free cards to the player who might still take the pot from me. (Obviously if you're going to lose to the all-in player there is nothing you can do.)

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