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Default Re: Stud 8 and questionable 6th street call?

i would have jammed it on 4th street, but there's nothing wrong with calling - it's much bigger fluctuations the way I reccomend but you are a strong favorite to make the best low and your cards are very live - you only need to be a 67% favorite in a three way pot to make a bet or raise profitable with a one way hand. You are about a 75% favorite here.

i would have jammed the river as well - though there is some risk, I would feel quite certain I have the best hand.

6th street is the tough question. Once you call the first two bets, I'm calling the next two, so the question is whether calling the first two is profitable. I would have thought it would only cost me two bets to see the river, as the most likely hand for a bi completing is a big pair, so I'd expect him to just call the raise. So the question has to do with pot odds. You'll make your hand 33% of the time and there's 12 bets in with an assumed call from the bi. That's 12/2 or 6 bets you can win and it costs you 2 bets, so the situation is close. But your cards are live and you can expect to make enough money on the river to justify a call.
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