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Default Question on Behavior in Tournament Play

Not sure where to post this question, but it's about general behavior during online tournament play.

It's a small-stakes NLH SNG. There are four players left. One player built a sizeable stack, but left the game for some reason and has been blinding out. Player X asks if we could just blind the player off to guarantee money finishes (he also happened to be to the right of the player blinding out, and would get all the blinds...).

I kept playing my normal way and ignored the missing player completely. Was this a breach of internet gentlemanliness or something?

The other question stems from the same game. The short stack went all-in after I raised. I called, as well as Player X (the same one from earlier). After the flop, I raise, trying to push X out of the hand. He asks something along the lines of, "Isn't it common courtesy to check it down?"

Is it?

Thanks very much! I'm just wondering if I'm unintentionally acting like a complete jerk, or if I'm in the clear (as I believe I am), considering I haven't heard of either of those things before.
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