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Default Re: Bellagio 50/100: Biggest laydown in my life, Idiot or Genius?


I don't think I would ever make this fold especially after asking the guy if he has quads.. When you say that to him it makes it more likely he will try something against you.

Its very possible he started with a pair of fives, paired his door card, and slowplayed until all the action appeared on 4th, and then raised thinking his trip 5s are good. Now he may have filled on 5th street which is why he keeps on raising.

I know this all sounds like a long shot, but so is quad 5s. I think I would have raised 5th just like you did and then just called down. I don't think you can just call 5th street because it's just too likely you're ahead here. When he comes over the top hes representing either a boat or quads. One of those you are drawing dead against the other you definitely have odds to call down. He could even be fooling around with trip 5s who knows.

I really hope you made the right play here. If so he must still be very upset about it [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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