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Default Re: Bellagio 50/100: Biggest laydown in my life, Idiot or Genius?

Tough hand. You have a 7 dead. He also sees you have a 7 dead. And may take that to think that you don't have set. BUt it is also true that he sees you betting and raising with a paired 5 doorcard, indicating you can beat 3 5's and his reraising indocates that he don't care if you have 3 7's. However, the odds of hitting quads in 4 cards are not great. It is also possible that if he was rolled up, he might have made a reraise on third, given the large field in the hand. There is also a lot of money in the pot and as such, it seems to me, that it pays to continue and call him down. The odds seem to warrant it. It's a cool laydown and it's great to make tough laydowns, but i prefer to take your holding to the river, even if I do it passivly by just calling. I admire your courage for the laydown, but you might be wrong. But then again, I have never played such a high limit.

Did you ever see what he actually had after?
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