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Default Re: Teaching a friend Hold\'em 101 & Basic SnG Strategy from scratch.

Hey Wooly...
I also am planning on moving into an appartment this summer while supporting myself playing STT. Just wondering what I should be making per hour to do so. How much (if u don't mind me asking) do u make an hour playing STT? I read that you 8 table 30/50s, but which limit do you do more often. What is your ROI and ITM percentages. Finally (sorry about all these Qs) how many hours a week do you play?
Thanks a lot,

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I'm at 19% ROI on the 33's since I've started playing again, but my sample size is small (several hundred SnG's) so I'm probaly experiencing the upside to variance.
So i probaly make $5.25 per SnG at the 30's and play 10 an hour on average so about $50 an hour approx. I prefer the 30's to the 50's (easier, faster, and not much less money).

I made much more playing NL cash, about 7PTBB/100 (14 big blinds/100)@ 200/400 NL so, but it required alot more thought. SnG's are much easier to MT, I could only play 4-6 NL tables at a time even though the $/hour was much higher.

What is his screen name? In fact, what are your screen names? I'd consider moving down to the 50s to play people like you.

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Thanks for the idiotic comment. Even if I was a marginal player you would take a hit to your ROI seeking out and playing "marginal" players, when you could make much more seeking out "lesser than marginal players".
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