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Default Re: Radiohead lyric debate: Idioteque

This is a very well thought out and reasoned response, but I've listened to it over and over again today and I just don't see (hear) it the same way that you do. It is by no means clear what he says.

You can hear the "o," and you can hear the duh.

[/ QUOTE ]
I hear the "I" and I hear no duh. It seems to me that he ends on the vowel sound, but there is no interim sound. "Here, we're aliiiiiiiii," is what it seems to me like he's saying. I hear no "duh." I'm not saying it's not there, and perhaps it is incredibly subtle and my ears are just not as blessed as some. But I don't hear it.

As for the bleeding, or why it doesn't exist if he says "alive," it's because there is a clear breath-pause in between the words "alive/allowed" and "everything."

I'm not necessarily arguing for either. What I hear is closer to "alive" than "allowed", but I'm open to the other. It certainly makes more sense, so I think I'd rather it be the latter. I just don't think it's clear by any means.
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