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Default Re: Huh ?

I stand corrected.

Question: Am I correct that only maniac on amphetamines could maintain such a SD (80 BB/100hands) and that even this maniac would have to work amazingly hard to do so ?

P.S. I'm aware that these figures have been created by some of the finest minds of our times (no sarcasm intended) but I need to see/hear about some empirical results before I can accept as gospel the idea that a $6/100 hand winner has almost a 10% chance of blowing through 5k - even with a SD this high.

That said, I appreciate your input.

I am somewhat under-educated in this area since almost from day #1 I was fortunate enough to never have had to worry about ROR.

I am aware, however, that this fact is not a legitimate excuse for making off the cuff (and apparently incorrect) statements.

- I've also never had malaria but I wouldn't make glib, poorly thought-out remark in regard to the value of quinine.

(nodding in shame)


- Chris
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