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Banks2334 - Interesting thing I heard from my friend who had a baby in France:

French doctors are obsessed with ensuring the pregnant mother doesn't gain too much weight. Apparently, the more weight gained during pregnancy, the harder it is to lose afterwards. Advice for your wife - don't get fat, you only need 300 extra calories / day to sustain the fetus.

OP - without exception, every parent I know who has had a child has claimed it was lifechanging / amazing / highly recommends it. So there you go.


[/ QUOTE ]

There is an obligate weight gain in pregnancy of about 20-30 lbs (weight of fetus, placenta, amniotic fluid, enlarged uterus, and increased fluids). Gaining much more than 30 lbs is in general not the best. I myself gained only 8 lbs, and I lost some of that toward the end of the pregnancy. My newborn alone at 8.25 lbs weighed more than my weight gain. I was harangued throughout my pregnancy about not gaining enough weight (the first and last time that ever happened to me)--even though I ate exactly what was on my prescribed diet, no more and no less. The obstetrician scared the daylights out of me when he told me that my child would be retarded because I had failed to gain enough weight. Anyone who knows my son knows how far offbase the OB was. I still laugh about it. Nonetheless women should not be pressured to keep their weight gain below roughly 25 lbs.

Pregnancy does often make permanent changes in a woman's body, but this is not always a bad thing. I myself went up a cup size from C to D, and there are those who think that was a good thing.

And, yes, becoming a parent is absolutely life-changing. How could it be otherwise?
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