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Default Re: Windsor on the weekends?

There NL games are pretty loose. You generally have to make a huge pre-flop raise to reduce the field. Usually everyone at the table likes likes to see the flop regardless of what it costs. Pretty funny, actually.
If you play NL and there's an old dude, I mean ancient, raising every hand, that means he has nothing. I've never seen a more readable person. He raises pre-flop, bets the flop, turn and river with nothing, yet, well, I guess he folds good starting hands cause I never seen him turn up a good hand except 66, and he stopped betting after the flop.
EDIT: Let me clarify, he looks like the old guy from the Party Poker commercial "The party's just getting started" and he bets more aggressively when he's holding crap. He should just wear a shirt that reads "I'm a donkey." If you've seen the PP commercials, you'll know him. Oh, and he will reload until he's out of cash.
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