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Default Re: Odds of getting same hand twice in a row?

All you need to do is figure out the probability of getting each combination.

There are C(52,2) = 52x51/2 = 1326 unique starting hand combinations; any specific two card combination has equal chance of being dealt. Because there are four suits, there are a number of different ways of making each type of hand:

- JTs: 4 total
- JTo: 12
- JTs or JTo: 16
- JJ: 6

The chance of getting any hand is just the number of hands of that type divided by the total number of possible hands. For example, the chance of getting JJ is 6/1326 or 1 in 221 = 220 to 1. Same for AA.

If you're currently holding JTo, the odds of getting it on the next hand are 12/1326 ~= 110 to 1.

The odds of it coming up on the next hand AND the one after are:

(12/1326)^2 ~= 12209 to 1.
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