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Default Re: COMRADES, please critique/tear up a bunch of hands

1. This seems okay, I probably would raise less but enough to commit myself to the hand, there's no way I'm folding this that's for sure..

2. Standard
3. 99 is just a bit too good for me to let go here, I re-raise all in to isolate. He has 6BB and is UTG, people do wacky stuff when blinds are about to hit. You have him massively covered.
4. Not sure you need to re-raise quite this much? Just to 80 or so would have the same effect.
5. It's a close decision on the flop whether to check or bet, I err towards check and obviously then check-raise if or when the preflop raiser bets, which he probably will, because he's a donk. Turn.. hmm. I think I would just check and see what he does? No need to push this.
6. What the hell is this. You're seeing ghosts mate. Bet the flop, and re-assess from there.
7. This is tough but she's raised about 30% of her stack, I don't think she's folding, and I don't think you need to make this move right now.. and she's from UTG. I actually think in this situation fold > call > push. The small stacks are not small enough that she will fold to your push if she has you beat.
8. Meh this is very close, and read-dependent entirely. Got to be close to a call though.
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