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Default Re: Need advice on this SNG situation (Daliman? :p)

sounds kinda ridiculous but its worked for me many times... raise a third or half your stack and if he calls just push the flop. i mean, raising just a 1/3 or 1/2 your stack makes it look like your begging for a call so he might be more inclined to toss it.. but yes most importantly it all depends on the entire situation at the table (stack sizes/calling req's/image/etc)

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I think this is overthinking your steals for the low buy in games.

For the higher buy ins, this might be more appropriate, or not, i dunno.


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could be, all i can say is that it has worked (at the 22's). i mean of course i wont attempt it if i know for sure that it wont. it also works often doing it from early position.
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