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Default Re: I\'m a winning player, but I\'m too tight!

I used to feel that I was too tight too, I think my vp$ip has always hovered right around 15% in full ring games. I've never been a real cash game player, so this is only over 4-5k hands lifetime. As I've been playing more full ring though, I've been noticing that right around 20% would probably be ideal. I think the biggest thing that I've been doing to work on this is limping more hands in late position.

Coming from a history of playing primarily STTs, it was driven into my head that you fold nearly everything when blinds are small. So that A6s on the button to 1 MP limper gets folded. So does the 9Ts, and so on...

But lately I've been seeing a few more flops for cheap when the opportunity presents itself and it's definitely paid off. The key is still to keep a TAG game postflop, but eventually you'll learn techniques to get free cards, semibluff, etc, and be able to play your marginal hands profitably.

My advice would be to drop down to 4 tables for a while. Even though your $/hr will suffer, your game should improve, and you can always add tables back once the game has taken a step up. This should be beneficial to you in the long run.
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