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Default Re: Going to get into SNGs again... help a noob out

Start with the FAQ and then read shadow's post.

1) 20-30 buyin downswings are very common, 45ish is not unheard of... but overall variance is lower than in cash games
2) There's a program floating around that can simulate this based on your stats.
3) Never posted a losing month.
4) After 1000 games you should know if you are playing winning poker, but your ROI still wont be very accurate until you play a few thousand more.

Also, don't start at the 55s. Start at the $22s and $33s for a month until you've got your game down.

Again, read the FAQ.

[/ QUOTE ]

30ish buy ins happen but they arent really "common" 45ish and there is most likely a bigger problem than variance. You should have a good idea of what range your ROI is after 1000 games. I said to play the 20s or 30s before the 50s because it just seems like a good idea because unless this guy knows how to pushbot well its stupid to play the 50s first, and judging by the variance ?s he isnt a great pushbotter.
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