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Default Going to get into SNGs again... help a noob out

Ok, cash games have ultimately pissed me off to no end for the past 3 months. I have decided that i'm done with them for now and wanted to try to get back into SNGs. Quick questions that i'm sure have been answered somewhere but the search function is giving me hell and i'm having trouble finding the info. (1)What kind of variance can be expected in SNGs? In cash games you can go on 10 buyin down swings for thousands of hands... how about SNGs? (2)What type of bad runs are there, 100's of sngs? 1000's? (3)How often do you post a losing *month* in SNGs... ive posted my first ever losing months in cash recently. Also what type of sample size is meaningful to begin viewing results.

I am starting out at the 55s and would like some general information on how many sng's is good to start analyzing results (such as in cash games, about 10k hands is alright), what type of ROI/ITM is good, any tips/advice.

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