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Default Re: What is wrong with you people???

clarkmeister, of course you are right 100% but what good does it do to slam into the idiot regulars? the foreign tourists were going to win or lose their money anyways and then you never see them again, but the regulars you will see again, well, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. clearly the regulars are not thinking at your level and likely are not as good as you, thus your admonition only wisened them up some, or a lot, to your truer nature. maybe before they thought good ol dave was just there to gambool as well, or maybe they saw thru that and knew better but know they know for sure, and will adjust their play against you. but maybe not, or you can adjust to their adjustments, but bottom line, i would have just racked up in silence and headed over to the live 15-30 game )
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