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Who is putting "I don't tip"? And what are your reasons other than being cheap as hell?

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a) Live rake is ridiculously high compared at small stakes.
b) In addition to rake, many places take $1 every damn pot regardless of pot size for some lame jackpot.
c) I tip a couple bucks if I'm up when I leave the table.

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So I worked in a restaurant in DC this summer on the Waterfront for some cash. But:

a.) The price for food is a little steep, hey this is DC Waterfront, and you are also paying for location.

b.) The tax on food in DC is 10%, comparatively high to many places.

c.) Some people left bad tips reasoning a & b makes it correct.

I think the fault in their argument is that servers mainly get paid in tips. We don't set the prices, we have nothing to do with the tax. If you come to a casino, oops I mean restaurant, you agree to pay their high prices and rakes, I mean taxes. You still have someone working for you whose main part of pay comes through tips.
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