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Default Re: $11: AKs early in game

At the $11's, push, at the $22's, fold.

[/ QUOTE ]

Wow I have loved the answers to here enough to make me doubt my decision to stop reading this forum and just play.

I find the real low levels filled with crap bets to an extent that people even a little higher completely underestimate, but still don't find AKs that great a hand. The truth is, considering the opposition, you'll probably get a better hand than that to go up against the crazies with.

These guys at the low levels are going to try to either steal your money or give you theirs for free. You're rarely going to have to really play them for it. So if you pass by a decent opportunity, you are not screwing yourself over the way you would in a tight game. Will you have chances later? OMG hell yes. You'll be drowning in chances to take the easy end of a bet. You don't have to do it right up front anytime soon. They will come to you, believe me. Whether it's betting A3 offsuit into your AJo or whether it's calling your AJo push with KJo.

These guys are DYING to throw their money away. You just need to step out of the way and give them the chance to do it. You could go broke waiting for the bad luck to get out of your way, but you won't need to hang around waiting for good times to get all your money in the middle. Crackpots are the norm. You will have plenty of chances to get your money in against them. You just need a real strong stomach for ridiculous reversals, and to learn to be happy when you're called with garbage instead of indignant about it. Can be tougher than it sounds.
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