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Default Re: AT flops a flush draw - how to play?

Given my position, I probably raise pf to 800. Although I think it is more of a style question than anything else. I tend to have very liberal raising standards mainly because I feel I can maximize my edge by isolating myself in position. With my transition to cash games lately, Id say this has been my biggest improvement in MTTs. One of the most important concepts is NL holdem, is to isolate yourself against the fish in position. This seems like a good spot to put yourself in a pot with a limper in position, or take the blinds if they fold. If I had been next to act after the limper, Id probably limp in. However, the CO is ALMOST the button [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img], so you should try to make sure you are last to act, and can represent the flop strongly.

Then on the flop Id obviously play very aggressively. Pound it on the flop, pound it again on the turn. Your hand is too strong with folding equity and lots and lots of outs. Given the way you played it preflop Id probably fire again on the turn, maybe even push. Your river bet is gross. That will get called by ANY pair every time. It is a fairly useless bet unless you know he is a nut peddler or something, but then that makes no sense cause why would he have seen the river with something marginal. You have a lot more folding equity by firing on the turn, not the flop.
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