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I had no idea idiots just called it Coke.

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be careful with the name calling fella, i am not the one that has apparently never been outside of my one domain.

there is no reason to get hasty with me b/c i pointed out the ignorance of your poll, i am sorry that you are oblivious the other regions and their ways/ may think they are "idiotic" thats fine, notice that in my post i did not call any of the names for the product wrong. since you have reverted to name calling in your post further proves that you are not open enough to make a promising poll with the correct the guy that put two weezer albums on a poll for "best weezer album."

i am actually laughing at how you are calling people idiots that call the product "coke" yet you did not know maybe 2/5th's of our entire nation calls it this. good stuff.

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Im sorry I apologize.
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