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Default Re: great opener


You're approach would work with girls who
-are not that hot
-are fooled by compliments like nice eyes into thinking you are a nice guy
-like sappyness

I dont think myspace is your target market for those kind of benefits. Girls on myspace that people are pursuing are the hot popular sluts. These girls get barraged by messages like this all the time. Also, you use way to many exclamation marks, a random sidebar. If you pick the best feature of these girls you will be saying things like "you look easy! you must think that!".

I think you want something very short, that will get her to look at your profile, and seperate you from the rabble. Do the opposite of every other guy on myspace to stand out, flip the script. I would try this

Subject: What?
Body: Do you always dress like that?

This approach has a three pronged effect... Not really, I have just always wanted to say three pronged. Basically, you are making her qualify herself to you. If she looks at your profile and responds, you can be guaranteed she is interested, because she wouldn't qualify to someone she thought had lower social value.
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