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Gross. No.

Never ever min raise. Why would you EVER raise him that much, just to leave him w/ 3.5k. If he has hero beat he's going to push and hero pretty much HAS to call just for pot odds reasons. So why not just go ahead and push yourself and maximize FE against the possible weaker Ace. Though I doubt many players fold the weaker Ace.

Min raising would be about the worst hting you can do here.

[/ QUOTE ]

And your proposal is a "flop raise". Well, the flop raise is what commits you to the pot. A minraise gives you FE for an all-in.

I do not see him coming over the top as our minraise shows strength, and may seem like it commits us, but it doesn't. With a draw like he had, he likely just calls and checks it down as he is glad to take free cards for his draw. With an ace, he gives us a chance to escape, while all previous lines I've seen either don't extract out enough information (making the KK fold likely correct but risky and audacious), or stick their whole stack in like you propose in a spot with only two outs. He is not folding a smaller ace to an all-in unless he is incompetent - the only thing he does with Ax is try to keep the pot small, which is what we want anyway.

His holding is black-or-white - either his hand is too strong to fold, or its too weak to do anything more than reluctantly call the minraise and hope to draw out, or maybe even fold.
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