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Default Re: Stars180 SNG hand


However, the better play in my mind is a flop minraise to 2400, making the pot about 7.5k if you are called, and leaving 3.5k on Villain's stack. Even if he has an Ace, this scares him of TT or being outkicked, in which case he may even be willing to check it down. If he isn't, you have no choice but to fold, but still saved the 3.5k you could have lost. This line allows him the greatest chance to make a mistake.

[/ QUOTE ]

Gross. No.

Never ever min raise. Why would you EVER raise him that much, just to leave him w/ 3.5k. If he has hero beat he's going to push and hero pretty much HAS to call just for pot odds reasons. So why not just go ahead and push yourself and maximize FE against the possible weaker Ace. Though I doubt many players fold the weaker Ace.

Min raising would be about the worst hting you can do here.
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