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Default Re: Stars180 SNG hand

I guess I don't understand why you bet on the turn when you are either way ahead or way behind. I don't think you get any more information with your bet here- I don't think you get any more information smooth calling on the flop.

I think I would call here, thinking he's trying to use C/R fold equity to push me off. I wouldn't at all be surprised to go unnecessarily broke.

I liked the idea of trying to play a smaller pot on the flop by smooth calling. I think you should check behind on this turn given your flop action and call a reasonable river bet.

What I probably would have done is raised the flop to about 4K. If the villain doesn't have an ace or TT your raise will look just as scary to him as his lead did to you, and you have position. Reevaluate if he calls or reraises A/I.
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