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Default Stars180 SNG hand

Late in tournament with 24-25 people left (18 pay out)
Hero has been rather tight for a while, no read on villian
blinds are 200/400 with 25 ante
Hero has 10 120
Villian has 9270
Dealt to hero is KcKd
Villian calls UTG
folded around to me CO
i make it 1200
Villian calls.
pot = 3200
Flop comes [Tc As Ah]
Villian bets 1200
Hero calls 1200
pot = 5600
Turn comes [2c]
Villian checks
Hero bets 2000 (is this the right play?)
Villian raises 4845 (all in)
Hero ?

Did I play this hand poorly? Should I have raised on the flop or folded or what?
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