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Default Re: BOS Poker sign up bonus?


Ditto on the number; the live support wasn't active, and no response in the eight hours since I e-mailed them.

The site is attached to, which I believe is one of the biggest online sports betting sites. Seems like they're trying to be the next Bodog. Could eventually be a good site to nail wandering fish.

[/ QUOTE ]

They have maybe 6 players on in peek hours lol!!!!!

worse yet there support suxs!!!!

I put 300 on there once i saw the db. Then i went to play and the tables were empty. Then i realized it was saturday 6 pm on the ec, and i realized i had made a huge mistake. I cant understand how they have such little traffic, youd expect to see the sports betting suckers who are up a few bucks pop in and put some on the table. Instead there is no one go else where. Supriseingly, while there support suxs there cash outs are on your credit or debit card in a few hours. (they let you cash out by crediting your card, as long as you deposited via it. they have a low max on it though)
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