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Default Anyway I can avoid busting

Alright, sorry I cannot provide exact #s with this analysis but I'd really like to know if I could avoid this. I mean I know I made the right move, but should I have pushed harder or not as hard? 80 players left, top 40 get paid and I'm in the middle of chips at 4400 and on the CO. The SB has 3800, BB has 730, and the guy in 2nd position has 5500. Blinds 100/200. I raise 600 w/ K 10, raised to 730 by the BB and everyone calls.
Flop comes q j 9. SB bets 600, 2nd position calls, I raise to 1800, SB calls, 2nd folds. Next card is a 9, 4 different suits. SB goes all-in, I call. SB has ace queen, BB has 9 6. River card is a queen. SB wins pot. What else could I have done?
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