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Default Re: Middle set 9s vs. turn 3-str8 and flush draw

"overall solid, tight/aggr player"

Meh, tough hand. The only option I can think of is to bet only 1/2 the pot on the turn and rely on the fact that he will only raise you with the straight and not the flush draw. A TAG will usually just call with the draw so I think that line could make sense. The problem is some players (myself included) would come over the top of you with just the draw if they saw you make some half-ass weak blocking bet like I just suggested.

I guess you really either need a flop c/r with your stack size the way it is, or just lay back and see what the turn brings. Getting 20% of the lesser of you/your opponents stack in on the flop with a set on a draw heavy board is the prefect amount for trouble. Lately I have been trying to invest either <10% or >40%, and nothing in between in this kind of situation. I'm rambling, but maybe betting 1/2 the pot on the flop is a better way to go.
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