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Default Re: JJ with a Q high flop...

Hmmm...the only unmade hands that I tend to see check raised all-in are flush draws and straight draws. There is no flush draw here, and I doubt villain called PFR raise with the ultra low cards that have the OESD. So I'm pretty sure you're beat. Maybe by top pair, but some two-pair/set seems more likely given how sneaky he was about betting it. I fold.

In any case, I think you made a shaky move preflop. After 4-limpers I don't think raising accomplishes much. Sure you're in position, but raising with jacks will

1) get you involved in a multiway pot (which you like, IFF you can get in cheaply and play your JJ for set/overpair value which they usually miss)

2) get you involved in an aggressively contested HU pot, and you'll likely have to make a tough decision for all your chips with overcards on the board.

So I vote no raise. Definately go at it with fewer limpers or later in the game when the blinds are more substantial, but early and multiway, I don't like it.
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