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Default Standards for calling 3-bets on the button.

First or second level, no real short or big stacks and no real reads, playing 20+2. (I'm on paradise right now, although I'm in the process of getting set up other places).

All stacks still 950-1050, blinds 5/10. UTG+1 makes it 30, MP1 makes it 100, MP3 pushes. You are on the button. What do you call with here?

(This is theoretical; in the actual hand, I was MP3 with KK, and bother raisers called, turning over AJ and TT and I tripled up. I'm thinking the most +EV is calling with just AA/KK there, but I'm wondering if anyone would call with QQ or less or if anyone in button's spot would fold KK, keeping in mind this is a 20+2.)
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