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Default Does Tight Passive pay during Reloads??

I have noticed that during reload bonuses that the tables frequently folded when I raised my hands at any point, leaving me taking down only a small pot here and there.

I was winning over 4+BB/100 at the .25/.50 playing tight-agressive poker on UB.

Today I decided to try a little experiment...

I played passively all day trying to induce more callers when I knew (or was fairly certain) I was ahead and favored in the hands.

I created a seperate PT file for today only.

Well of the 1813 hands I played passively today I am up $119.40 that is 13.17BB/100

PT has me rated at a Calling Station/SLPP. with VP$IP 23.11, W$SD 50.46, PFR 6.12, and Aggression factor of 0.88(includes pre-flop)

Anyone have a reason to explain why and what would cause my win rate to go up when I played like this?

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