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Default becoming a championship boxer.....

I got into a debate with some of my old friends over the idea that he (he admits to being out of shape, and of at best average athletic ability) could become world champion boxer in the straw weight division (105 and under).

He thought he could since hes about 5'11 and 200, I said no because he wouldn;t ever be able to out box the guy, so the chap would win every decision, and really what are the chances of knocking someone out when they know your trying to hit them, and they know what they are doing.

the debate then got into if the ring was shrunk to 1/3 its regular size to help you be able to hit him how would that help???

The debate ended when I threw up, but at that point we were discussing how long we would need to train (we could still weigh anything) in order to be in shape to beat the 105 and under boxing champion.


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