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Default Have you ever had an idea, someone else made successful?

I've had a couple. Way back in 95 I had the idea for a website, where you could send in your picture and have people tell you if you were good looking or not. Obviously that one got done.

When I was 13 I decided it would be awesome to make a toilet bowl that was also a fish tank. Couple years ago I was thumbing through a magazine and saw the same idea for sale.

A few years ago while I was driving around delivering pizza I was struck with the brilliant idea to run a car lot, where people who wanted to sell their own cars would just park it in my lot instead of on random street corners, and then pay me a fee. Heh, I called my then girlfriend at the time to tell her my brilliant idea and she said "uhm...yeah, they already have those....dumbass". oh well, at least I was right and it was a good idea [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] The other two tho I know I came up with first, im just lazy and never tried them out.

Anyone else got any?
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