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Default Long-shot play pays off

Trying to mix it up a bit at NL 50 full table last night when this hand came up:

I had QJo and limped in SB. 4 to the flop.

Flop A K 5 ~$2 pot. (Table was very passive post-flop. Minbets were taking down pots often, and people weren't protecting their hands).

I lead out for $1.50 with merely a gutshot. 1 caller

Turn is a 3 or somethign low. I take a while and check. Villain checks behind.

River is the miracle T! No flush on board, I have nuts. Pot is about ~$5. I'm first to act so I quickly bet $5 trying to appear like buying the pot b/c I'm acting as if his turn check was weakness.

He immediately minraises to $10. I think for a while and raise to $28. He calls instantly with AT. He rivered two pair, and forgot to protect his TP on the turn.

No effing way he puts me on QJ in that hand. I love getting lucky. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] So I won about $30 on this hand, which doesn't matter because I'd topped off $15 earlier and also lost about 35 BB's at the .5/1 limit tables.

Still ended up down for the night, but Thanks Gutshot!
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