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Default 3, 5, and 10$ stars rebuys

in the 3.30 rebuys, I usually push every hand until I get up to about 6-10k mainly because its fun [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Ive gotten a pretty insane amount of chips before the break before simply because of the crazy image. you would be suprised how often pushing the first 15 hands, then raising to 30xbb with AA will get you action.

In the 5.50 rebuys I will typically raise to 10x BB and other crazy amounts with my raising hands to try to loosen up the table. I don't push every hand mainly because my bankroll isn't that great

In the 10$ rebuys I try to raise large with my good hands, but Im more reluctant to call all ins with hands liek AJo and KQ or 88-

Who here hates or likes my strategy? Oh, and I've never had an amazing cash in a 5.50 or a 10$ so, im curious
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