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Default Re: Official Indie Starter Kit Thread (Calling all hipsters... sorry euro)

Didn't read everything, but:

Shouldn't be discussing Radiohead at all in this thread IMO. They're completely different from all these other bands. If you're taking indie =! Pitchfork-reviewed (which this seems like), might as well add in Kanye West.

Wilco and the Flaming Lips are probably "outliers" as well.

The Shins has to be on this list.

XO is ES's best album, but I'm kind've a sucker for production. From a Basement I also like more than Either/Or probably, but they're all close.

Are the Smiths indie? The Pixies? Seem to fit in with the other bands here.

Sonic Youth is kinda gay IMO.

Bright Eyes should probably have an album on the list. Maybe they're not top 10 in quality, but they seem kinda quintessential lonely-girl-black-mascara-acoustic-guitar music.

Oh yeah, and Modest Mouse [censored] sucks.
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