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Default Re: Flopping the stone nuts

That's a horrid example for a hi/lo game, no? You gave a free card to low draws that if made are not likely to counterfeit. There were three opps left, you didn't expect one of them to have a low draw? You offered them half or your pot and didn't charge a nickle. You got quite lucky.

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You can't just say "don't give free cards" without looking at the ev of doing so. Betting the flop is worth a couple of dimes more than not betting the flop here. But I give this up for even a 20-1 shot at someone catching a nice turn card where they'll pay me $5 or more by the river. The only way I make money on this hand vs low draws if they call flop and turn AND miss. Work out the percentages and you'll see the E.V. of betting the flop turns out to be quite insignificant. Keeping both in the hand and making them feel comfortable about their hand is worth far more imo.
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