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Default Re: Flopping the stone nuts

To give you an example of a stone nuts slowplay working, have a look at this (I rarely do this btw, but it's an excellent example of the principle at work):

Dealt to BadbeatPhil [ As 3s 7h Ad ]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 3c, Ac, 3h ]
BadbeatPhil checks.
LeeLay checks.
VJT123 checks.
sewith111 checks.

The very small EV I lost by giving a low draw a free card (they were calling anyway, but I mean the EV if they called and didn't hit), I made up multiple times by someone catching one of four outs on the turn, and paying me off.

[/ QUOTE ]

That's a horrid example for a hi/lo game, no? You gave a free card to low draws that if made are not likely to counterfeit. There were three opps left, you didn't expect one of them to have a low draw? You offered them half or your pot and didn't charge a nickle. You got quite lucky.

On the other hand, for the original question - I don't think a check with the intent of raising is a bad play from an early position, but I doubt any play would've worked well here if they all folded to a single small bet on the flop.
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