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Default Re: Grinding or fish?

Don't get frustrated early. Contrary to what some people will have you believe, the vast majority of people (even here) lost money at first. I personally lost money for about a year, and got frustrated. Then I found 2+2, and started reading. Went thru the various stages of poker growth and eventually got my $0.50/1.00 winrate online to over 7 BB/100 before I moved up. (I know.. I should have moved up earlier, but I needed a bankroll and confidence which that gave me), and I played well over 50K hands at $0.50/1.00, most of them without pokertracker.

So keep trying, keep reading, keep studying, and don't get discouraged. Poker is a negative reinforcement game. Pocket A's only win 30% or so of the time against a full table of 10 calling all the way to the river. So even though you do the RIGHT thing, you still lose 70% of the time in that scenario. While the guy doing the wrong thing playing with 3/5 off is flopping a straight.
OK, all, just joined this forum and have read many interesting posts. I began playing online at Paradies and Party just about two yeasr ago. Have taken both accounts to $0 at this point and am somewhat frustrated with playing online.

My play is very limited admitedly, like once to twice a week. Playing mostly single table tourneys ay $5 and a few $10 and $25. Very limited cash game NL tables but a few. Then there were a few multi-table tourny $5 and $30 buy-in. All in all seem to hold my own but obvviously have not made money overall.

Over the past year I began playing a live local game. 5 to 7 player tourny style $10 buy in. Usually play 2 to 4 games a night. I stopped playing that about two months ago. Finished even overall there.

Over the past two weeks have visited a local casino and played $1/$1 NL game. Have finished positive a couple hundred in that adventure thus far.

So I know this has been a timid start in comparison to most others in this forum. My question(s) are what do I do know? Any suggestions? I truly love the game for the game and want to take things to higher levels. Do I go get and use the poker stats software to truly analye my play? Do I up the ante and spend more time and/or money (possibly)? any tips, advice, comments, whatever is appreciated.

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